Career Opportunities in Research Support Services Sector

Research is one of the most important and worth-exploring sector of any country or a nation. Individuals with a sense of interest in the research and scientific development must should be pursuing their careers in the respective field. Research Support Services sectors apart from facilitating researchers, educationists and scientists, also provide opportunities to research enthusiasts on different inspiring positions.

We have listed down some of the career opportunities available in the Research Support Services sector. A whole office management is created and established which manages the research sector, provides assistance, and makes sure the smoothness, clarity and accuracy of the processes involved. Following are some significant careers in research support services;

1- Research Officer:

A research officer is one of an important role in the research support center which is responsible for working on proposal development, serves as administrative liaison between faculty and the government agencies and private sector businesses that seek expertise, provide insight into sponsor practices, and application guidelines and policies, assist with refining ideas suitable for funding, facilitates interdisciplinary and collaborative proposals, edit and critique proposal narratives and statements of work, develops budgets, navigates electronic proposal submission systems, and also facilitates University approvals and signatures along with submitting hard copy and electronic proposals.

2- Research Integrity and compliance analyst:

A research analyst facilitates compliance with university, state and federal regulations in following areas of animal care and use, conflict of interest, export controls, human subject protection, intellectual property, and responsible conduct of research.

3- Research Paper Writer:

To compile the research findings, prepare a presentable writing to with an impressive impact, a writer is required with an expertise in paper writing techniques. The one applying should be well-versed in the areas of research paper techniques, grammar, presentation, rules of academic writing to get the position.

4- Account Administrator:

An account administrator deals with management of awards in compliance with University and sponsor policies from account set-up to account close and audit, serves as administrative liaison with funding agencies and various university and UEI offices including payroll, business services, and human resources, assists with establishing and maintaining accounts.

He also monitors project budgets and approve expenditures, ensures project staff are properly hired and compensated, initiates agreements with project consultants, facilitates subcontracts, invoice funding agencies, prepare timely financial reports.

Every sector has its own importance and significance which allows people having an interest towards it to grow in the respective field by providing appealing career opportunities which can help an individual to explore the domain of research sector in-depth along with a growth on professional level by upgrading their skill set and learning new ways of progress.





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