Work From Home : A New Lifestyle Introduced in COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 with all the indecent occurrences it brought along caused the dynamics of world lifestyle to be changed drastically. It not only changed the basic human lifestyle with sudden enforcement of social distancing and necessary precautions but also created new trends of lifestyle and work ethics which were adopted and applauded all over the world.

One of these great traditions was of remote work culture which was initially encouraged and enforced in order to establish covid-19 protocols but with time being, it became a trend and even after a bit of normalcy and ease in covid-19 effects, this trend is prominent and still in practice at majority of places.

Let us have a look at some major reasons behind Work From Home culture and its advantages.

• Continuation of professional life:

Continuation of professional lifestyle to keep the provision of basic necessities of food and medicines, and to keep people employed in the covid-19 crisis, it was necessary to establish a virtual workplace of high quality keeping in mind the wellness and health of employees.

• Easy employment in times of crisis:

When covid-19 occurred, the humanity all around the world felt devastated as people were not at all ready for a life threatening disease to capture their care-free lives. This thought threatened everything from mental stability to professional performance of an average human being and to overcome that, remote work culture came in as a blessing in disguise. It actually gave people an opportunity to work within their comfort zones, living closely with their family, spending a quality time working.

• Strong grip on technology:

While the remote work culture got an immediate enforcement, it gave a prominent importance to the technology and its smart usage. It became necessary for people working remotely to adopt the new features of technology in order to get themselves adjusted with the new working style.

Video-conferencing, zoom meetings, and virtual AI based databases got an introduction with users worldwide and played a major role in establishing remote work culture.

Remote work culture due to covid-19 was an amazing experience for many but a difficult phase to adjust with for few as well. Despite of this difference of experience, it has greatly impacted the life styles and professional work front for which it deserves due credit.

It is yet to see if this culture of work from home will stay with us as a normal trend in the upcoming era or we will get back to physical on-site forums.


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