Top Universities to Study Medicine in Canada for International Students

Canadian medical universities are very popular in medicine field even for international students around the world. They teach students at very high levels in addition to having most advanced research centers.

Choosing  the proper university to study medicine in Canada can be a complicated process for applicants. Here we try to introduce some of the top medical universities in Canada which are ranked by Timeshighereducation

University name Location Ranking (in 2020)

By times higher education

University of Toronto Toronto, Canada 6
Mc Master University Hamilton, Canada 11
McGill university Montréal, Canada 24
University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada 39
University of Montreal Montréal, Canada 65
University of Alberta Edmonton, Canada 78
Western University Ontario, Canada 126-150
University of Calgary Calgary, Canada 126-150
Queen’s University Ontario, Canada 151-175
Dalhousie University Halifax Regional Municipality 201-250


1.University of Toronto

The vastness and depth of the Faculty of Medicine’s activities of University of Toronto are represented in its departments, institutes and centers. These include interdisciplinary research units that bring researchers together to meet specific challenges and know solutions. It also includes 26 departments that nurtures discovery, provide training and deliver answers to pressing questions in medical research and care.

2.McMaster University

The School of McMaster Medicine, was founded in 1966 and renamed the Michael G. Degroote school medicine in 2004, It presents major programs in undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate medical education.

The Undergraduate Medical Program for the MD degree was started in 1969, graduating its first students in 1972. By now, 203 students are accepted to the program each year.

The three-year program in Medicine uses a problem-based approach to learning that should apply through the physician’s career. The components have been organized in sequential parts with early exposure to patients and case management. The academic program operates on an 11 months-a-year basis and students are qualified for the MD degree at the end of the third academic year.

 3.McGill University

McGill is one of the top medical schools  and enjoys an international reputation for excellence in teaching, clinical training and research. Including 3 institues and different departments and medicine schools.

4.The UBC

The University of British Columbia is a global center for teaching, learning and research that is ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world and also ranked 39 in medicine field. Medical Programs are available at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, as continuing professional education and public education initiatives are available too.

5.Montreal University

The Faculty of Medicine in Montreal University fulfills a triple mission of teaching, research and improving health in the 3 science sectors:  fundamental,  the  clinical sciences and  health sciences . This Faculty includes 15 departments and 3 schools.

6.Alberta University

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at University of Alberta is home to many world class research groups, centers and institutes. All research centers and institutes need initial approval by the Faculty and ultimately by the University of Alberta as well as Research groups are approved by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. This faculty includes 21 departments and represents Residency program/graduate/undergraduate program for students.

7.Western  University

Schulich Medicine and Dentistry school of Western University focuses on both practical medicine and medical technology goals to provide the best medical services for Canada and the world in public.

8.University of Calgary

In 1966 the provincial government approved plans for a medical school in a youthful and emerging University of Calgary which is called “Cumming School of Medicine”. The Cumming School of Medicine is a national research leader in brain and mental health, chronic diseases, and cardiovascular sciences ,The school includes 3 basic science departments and also 16 clinical departments.

9.Queen’s University

It was Founded more than 150 years ago, the Queen’s School of Medicine provides a hands on MD program in one of Canada’s superier centers for medical research and physical training with a rich number of postgraduate programs that focuses on the fundamentals of clinical medicine in the context of continuous change, innovation and discovery.

10. Dalhousie University

 Dalhousie University was founded in 1818 and It’s one of Canada’s oldest universities.

Dalhousie Medical School teaches humanity and scientific in medicine, helps leading health research, influences social and health policy, and aids run the regional economy.



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