Science Podcasts – A New Trend in Science Listeners

An episodic series of different genres with a trusted host ready to speak his heart out with an appealing guest appearance to initiate the conversation about the topic of the day, yes you got it right, podcasts are being discussed here.

Podcasts came in as a trend in the year 2019 when numerous streaming platforms started providing services and ways to manage personal streaming shows of different themes.

As the trend increased, multiple diverse themes were seen originated in the domain of podcasts, and science podcasts is one of those highlighted and commonly favored genre of podcasting. Science podcasts are becoming more and more popular in the community of people who belong to tech and science interest.

What makes these science podcasts unique is that they can be accessed conveniently. You can listen to your favorite science audio blog while working, driving, cooking, and any other physical activity. Generally, the podcasts save a lot of time which is one of their significant advantage.

Talking about the science podcasts, if you are a keen listener, they definitely make you blink your eyes when astonishing facts on world dynamics hit you via an appealing manner of eye-catchy story telling. Hosted by a scientist, a science podcast covers all from latest space news, commentary on what’s new in the world, and thorough discussion on scientific theories that can simply blow your mind away.

These science podcasts not only provide a great time-pass but also prove to be an instant source of answers to questions that are boggling your mind since you were a child.

Here’s a sneak peek to some great science podcasts which are a treat to listen.

• Are We There Yet?

A great science podcast that explore the life on universe. It includes latest news about the space and chats with astronauts discussing their life experiences, missions, and goals. Space journalist Brendan Byrne interviews astronauts and engineers, and raises questions about the scientific theories.

• Houston, We have a Podcast

It is the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas which includes interviews of people who cook space food, experience the life at space stations, and much more.

• Hidden Brain

NPR’s popular podcast hosted by social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam delves into the recesses of the human mind, and questions why the hell we do and think the things we do. This podcast is a must listen if you are someone who loves to discover complex narratives with complete and well-researched facts.

So, this was our pick of some excellent and common science podcasts. The list goes on with names like 60-Second Science, Science(ish), the habitat, the infinite monkey cage, Radio Lab, Science Vs, and so on. Give a chance to one of these if you are a science enthusiastic, and let us know your opinions on science podcasts.


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