Top Courses Taught Online in 2020: An Analysis of Academic Insight

2020 was the year when world happenings and our day-to-day lifestyle got a break due to the outbreak of deadly corona virus. The COVID-19 apart from being the only concern of humanity gave people a chance of self-exploration. It came us a realization and the need of the time when people started learning from available resources online while staying at home during the crucial lockdown period and here is the list of top courses taught online in 2020 using different online platforms.

The internet became the most commonly used learning resource by people all over the world and we saw a rise in the trend of taking online courses for developing some demanding skill set.

To use the lockdown period and quarantine hours productively, following courses became the common picks of people. Read ahead to get the list.

• Digital Marketing Course:

Digital Marketing being one of the mostly demanded skill with great career opportunities was offered by a number of known platforms including Google. Google offered a free online course of digital marketing in 2020. This course was highly recommended by the attendees. The plus point was that a free and verified certificate was also being provided after successful completion of the course.

• Digital Content Creation:

An online program which involving three courses of digital content creation was one of the highlights of 2020. It is the opportunity to learn digital content creation that too free with the benefit of a certificate of achievement, and a Future Learn award as a proof of completion as well. The initiative was by University of Leeds.

• Career Development Course:

Another program for the students developed by University of Leeds is the career development program which provides you complete guidance of what should be done, and what is needed to achieve your career goals, and how you can do it that too while staying home.

• IT Courses:

IT being the worldwide most recognized industry always needs people with particular skill set, and this is the reason that courses related to information technology were seen in demand in the year 2020 mostly opted by students from different backgrounds. The IT certifications are provided by Udemy that too free of cost which you can learn while sitting at home.

• Web Development Courses:

Website development is one interesting skill to learn. The year 2020 witnessed a rise in web developers as software engineering students and even people passionate about the skill were seen taking free web development courses available on many known platforms.

• Graphic Designing and Illustration Courses:

These free courses related to graphic designing were recognized as a blessing in disguise for all the creative minds stuck in quarantine. In the era of digital media when graphics are seen playing a phenomenal role and are in high demand, opting these courses play a huge role in developing strong skill set.

You can get free online courses available on many platforms like Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare, Khan Academy, Microsoft, and the list keep going on. Share with us the course you opted in 2020 in the comment section.



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